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My Debil (Devil) Cat

I have two cats, one named Pepper and one named Salt. Anyway for the last 3 or so days Pepper has been stalking birds and actually catching them, which is something he has never done before. He’s been fixed mind you! Now he has become the Debil cat! The last one he caught was a baby bluebird, no bigger than my hand, and I had to watch the poor thing die slowly. Now this morning I woke up to feathers all over my porch, knowing Pepper had been on the prowl last night! Anyway, while I’m sitting in the house with my front door open, a bird suddenly attaches itself to the screen as if looking for it’s mother, that possibly Pepper killed last night! All I could think of was the old movie “Birds” where the women was attacked in the phone booth! I tell you, Pepper has become the “Debil Cat”!!!  Salt is as sweet as ever, and God forbid she should ever become “Debil Cat 2”   Ha!!


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